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Faith Presbyterian Church was founded by twenty-two charter members in 1994. A group from Ocala and a group from Wildwood had the same desire - to start a new church. The two groups joined forces and formed Faith Presbyterian Church. The first meeting was a Bible Study held Sunday afternoons at the Oxford Community Center. These gatherings continued for several months but as the number of people increased there was a need for more space which prompted a move to the American Legion Hall in Wildwood. After several months at this location, God provided a vacated funeral home complete with a chapel that would seat 120, a house that would serve as manse and 2 acres of land. The property needed a lot of TLC but we were thrilled to have a place to call home. We were grateful to the Lord for this wonderful opportunity and although our numbers were few we were mighty in purpose. The members worked hard and accomplished great things. The church thrived as we served God and added new members. By 2003 we were at a crossroads; we either needed to add on to the existing church or build a new church. In 2004, after much prayer and discussion we decided to purchase a piece of property and build a new church. It was a huge undertaking but in November 2006 we moved into our new 6000 sq. ft. church. It was thrilling to have a new church complete with a beautiful sanctuary, fellowship hall, kitchen and office space. The wonder of it all was seeing Gods' hand a work. We were amazed at how He work on our behalf to secure land, financing and people to help us accomplish His purpose. In 2014, just 8 years after moving into our church we were debt free. Our church was paid in full. We marvel at God's faithfulness and goodness to us.

Our Church

The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church developed from two groups that began in Scotland in the early 1700’s. The Associate and the Reformed Presbyterians migrated to America because of religious and political upheaval in Britain. In 1782 they merged to form the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.

Each local congregation of the Associate Reformed Church is governed by its members. A pastor is called and voted upon by the members. The Session which is comprised of the pastor and elders, are elected by the members and serve as the ruling body. They are responsible for the administration, organization and spiritual planning of the church. Their purpose is to promote order within the church in a spirit of Christian love. In addition to the elders, deacons are elected to work with the session. The diaconate is charged with meeting the care and needs of the members through mercy ministry; they are also responsible for the care and maintenance of the church facility.

Our Pastor

Faith Presbyterian Church is pastored by J. Gilbert Moore.  His thirty years in ministry has provided him a wealth of enriching teaching and preaching experiences.  He has pastored a number of churches throughout Georgia and North Carolina serving as a fulltime pastor as well as planting new churches.  For the past 13 years, Pastor Moore served as Chaplain and Bible teacher for middle school children. Pastor Moore's educational background includes a B.A. in Religion and Philosophy from Auburn University and a Master of Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson MS.

Pastor Moore preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ through expository teaching with application of the Word to our daily lives.  His mission for the church is: worship through the unchanging Word of God, praying with praise, offering songs of thanksgiving and learning obedience to God's Word.   He emphasizes that the primary mark of God's true church is love; learning about God's love for us and in turn loving one another.