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Mission Outreach

Outreach North America

Faith Presbyterian Church is committed to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to the world. Twenty percent of our giving is dedicated to missions and outreach programs. We support Outreach North America (ONA) which is the agency of the ARPC serving the United States and Canada. This agency is responsible for planting new churches, providing financial assistance and offering programs such as church renewal training, membership recruiting and evangelism. ONA is also partnering with the American Bible Society to provide funds for distribution of Bibles in their native language to people in the US and abroad.

World Witness

  World Witness is the foreign mission agency of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. Under the auspices of the Synod missionaries are sent throughout the world with the good news of Jesus Christ. The primary focus of WW is the Muslim world. A vital program in Pakistan is The Christian Hospital, Sahiwal. It not only provides medical care but also training programs for young women who want to become nurses.  Our Church also supports missionaries serving in Turkey, Spain, Ukrain and Poland.

In addition to the Associated Reformed agencies our church supports several local ministries:

Love INC

Love In The Name of Christ. The goal of this organization is to work through local churches to transform lives and communities. Their role is to help church members live out their faith through service to those in need. They form a partnership with churches in local communities and serve as a hub for distribution of resources. These resources include food pantries, clothing closets, medical equiment, home construction, addiction rehab and personal care products. The goal of Love Inc is to help the church transform peoples' lives and enable them to break the dependency cycle.

Faith Presbyterian Church participates in Love Inc with the GAP program. The women of Faith collect or purchase personal care items such as soap, shampoo, deoderant and other toiletries. Families in need are sent to the church at a specified time to meet with our members/volunteers who provide the needed items and pray with the families. In 2016 our church served 193 families meeting the needs of over 734 family members.

Renew Church
This church under the leadership of Stephen Reynolds is located in Fort Myers, FL. This is a relatively young church working to increase their membership with the goal of becoming a self supporting church.